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Techno Healthcare: New Trends in World of Healthcare

Tue, 05/05/2009 - 10:00

Increasingly doctors have an acceptance for technology based healthcare, easing the pressures of everyday responsibilities with the view of helping as many patients as possible. Gravitas Research explores how everyday technologies are finding a more meaningful purpose in the world of healthcare.

Social networking, working to support healthcare is more than just the innovation of Health 2.0, Revolution Health and PatientsLikeMe websites for sharing medical information and experience, but a change in mindset. Such websites are providing a collective wisdom of knowledge and experience that is difficult for any single medical school or pharmaceutical company to assemble in the field. Unsurprisingly, such websites are becoming popular in the medical profession while increasingly the first point of enquiry from would be patients. Arguably, the single most beneficial gain is getting patients engaged in taking responsibility for their decisions and the cost of healthcare.

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Taking into account healthcare as a basic need of the world’s inhabitants, there is almost one mobile phone for every person in the developed world and an increasing adoption of mobile phones in the developing world. Healthcare via the mobile phone would be an obvious option? Gravitas Research discusses.

Known as mHealth, the world’s biggest field trial of mobile health technology, short mobile phone messages are sent to South African’s to encouraging the recipients in their local language to contact the national AIDS hotline. This clever way to reach out to patients is in an effort to aid and control HIV sufferers that represent a quarter of South Africa’s population. Following successful trials, mHealth is finding new applications including the integration with electronic health records (EHR) for supporting clinical decisions and counselling.

Following the diagnosis of an illness or undertaking preventative measures such as contraception, the humble mobile phone has presented itself as an invaluable solution. When sampling over 3,000 mobile phone users in Europe*, over 68 per cent of respondents would consciously have their mobile phone within an audible or visual distance, making it an ideal reminder tool for taking prescribed medicine. Complex consumption instructions leading to the risk of overdose or insufficient consumption laying waste medical supplies can potentially be a thing of the past.

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* Based on a 2008 consumer study conducted by Gravitas Research, covering the mobile phone industry across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain
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