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Gravitas Research is a specialized market research and consulting company, headquartered in London, UK. We publish premium market research reports, business analytics and industry analysis on the Russia, CEE and CIS industries and markets.

Gravitas Research provides consulting services and delivers market reports to a wide portfolio of clients. Clients range from private companies and government organisations in various domains and industries, to global market research and consultancy companies seeking additional support for data analysis and Russian B2B market research expertise.

We help our clients transforming market information into knowledge and continuous performance improvement. Explore how we help our clients and partners continuously improve performance though our service offering.

Our diverse expertise and knowledge is reflected in the Gravitas Research’s products and services offering:


Gravitas Research regularly publishes variety of industry briefs, market reports, industry outlooks and whitepapers on Russian, CEE and CIS industries and markets

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Gravitas Research consulting helps your organization to grow and improve business performance in Russia and neighbouring countries. Our vast consulting experience, in-depth Russian market research and industry knowledge allows to achieve high performance

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Gravitas Research has a proven track record, having already conducted a number of social science projects together with individual scholars, business schools and universities, NGOs and government funded organisations

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If you need to speak to our representatives in your country and in your language, please, send us request online and Gravitas Research’s team will contact you within 48 hours.

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