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Market Research in Russia, CIS & CEE

Gravitas Research regularly publishes variety of industry briefs, market reports, industry outlooks and whitepapers on Russian, CEE and CIS industries and markets.


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Gravitas Research publications provide in-depth and comprehensive analysis of Russian markets and industries (including CEE and CIS). Our publications provide strategic insights on the industry and market evolution as well as highlights implications for industry stakeholders.

Looking at list of our publications, you may find industry trends and key events, market drivers and restraints, market challenges, market size and segmentation, industry attractiveness assessment (9-Forces Analysis), industry forecasts, scenario analysis, PESTLE analysis, SWOT, competitor profiles, benchmarking, technology roadmaps and much more...


Gravitas Research also provides custom Russian market research and industry analysis (custom market research in CIS and CEE is also available) upon customer request.

Gravitas Research provides custom market research, tailored to your business needs, on Russian, CIS and CEE markets

To find additional information about range of products and solutions offered by Gravitas Research, please visit our services webpage.

If you need to speak to our representatives in your country and in your language, please, send us request online and Gravitas Research’s team will contact you within 48 hours.


Going Beyond Traditional Consumer & Industry Research

Beyond traditional consumer and industry research, Gravitas Research develops and runs experimental studies across diverse business and academic topics using our Experimental Lab.

Experimental Lab provides a deeper understanding at the decision making level through various process tracing methods and aims to look at what underlies decision processes and choices made. For example, thinking about your morning coffee. Have you ever wondered if you made this choice because you liked your regular sized skinny latte? Or did it have something to do with the ...the menu layout? ...the presence of other options? ...assistant’s suggestion? ...the weather outside? ...cup’s shape or colour?

Whether you are looking at brands, HR decisions, consumer satisfaction, or public policy making, Experimental Lab for businesses and the academic community is here to assist in uncovering human behaviour and actions. Learn more about Gravitas Research services for academic community, NGOs and businesses.

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